Water Project – Thrive

Water Project – Thrive

Good education to every child is the key ingredient of a successful society. Adaklu Water Project sees this need and urgently seeks to provide all the necessary educational tools to every girl, boy, and all interested adults in the village of Adaklu. As fore-runners, our duty to a better and secure future is to make available all educational tools, guide, encourage, nurture, and educate all our children for a better Adaklu. Without good education the village is destined to perpetually sustain its impoverished status, remain helpless and dependent on outside aid.

Adaklu Senior High School was established in 1984 and became Government approved in 1991. The current population stands at 529 students excluding its primary school students. It is the only Government assisted institution in the area and yet the most deprived in the Adaklu traditional region which comprises of 50 villages.

Until September 2012 the school had been solely a day school and continually suffered grossly from infrastructural development. The community has therefore requested for a Boarding system due to the following reasons:

  1. Most of the students walk long distances to school thus arriving in school very exhausted.
  2. During the rainy season streams and rivers frequently flood and students from nearby villages are cut off from the school as long as the flood exists.
  3. Students who are in the hostels spend several hours preparing their needs hence their inability to come to school early and attend evening studies on time.
  4. Girls are highly vulnerable to people who take undue advantage of their conditions and needs. This has led to low morale among female students.
  5. Natives of the area prefer Boarding School and would be encouraged to enroll their children in their local school.

This situation has resulted in poor enrollment and all the above factors have led to poor academic performance, which is a worry, not only to the school’s administrators, but also to the board members, parents, and the entire ADAKLU Community.

The most pressing need facing the Boarding system is availability of facilities like:

  1. Potable Water
  2. Chairs and desks
  3. Student beds for use in the dormitories
  4. Good health care facility
  5. Library

Students travel over a mile to fetch water from the stream that frequently dries up during the year. The woes of the school were further deepened when visibility studies undertaken by Ghanaian water experts could not yield any fruitful result. In order to get clean drinking water for the students, the school relies on distant Regional Water and Sewage corporations for water delivery in tanker trucks. The cost and expenditure of this delivery system is becoming unsustainable. This is making the running of the school very disheartening.

In order to address the challenges enumerated above, the Chief of the village, Togbe, the Headmaster, Mr. Godwin Adzimah, and the rest of the management in collaboration with the Board of Governors, are pleading for any assistance that will improve the living and educational conditions of the students and staff.

In light of these problems, Adaklu Water Project is doing its best to provide clean water reservoirs, water purification and distribution systems, tables, chairs, bunk beds, and as much help as possible in order to improve the district’s educational facilities and students’ experience.

Farm Project

Adaklu Water Project is currently embarking on a dual purpose farm project that seeks to lift the population out of poverty by promoting effective agribusiness job creation