School Project

Good education to every child is the key ingredient of a successful society. Adaklu Water Project sees this need and urgently seeks to provide all the necessary educational tools to every girl, boy, and all interested adults in the village of Adaklu. As fore-runners, our duty to a better and secure future is to make available all educational tools, guide, encourage, nurture, and educate all our children for a better Adaklu.

We currently have in our possession 230 chairs with attached desks that will soon be shipped from Colorado to Adaklu, Ghana to furnish their classrooms. These chairs were purchased from St. Johns College in Florida at auction on the 20th of November, 2013 at a winning bid of $1,144.82.

We also have 200 elementary school chairs and 150 tables that will also be shipped to furnish the classrooms of our little

Currently, two persons share each one-sitter chair. Upon delivery, we anticipate an improvement in classroom activities.  

Special thanks to Bob Olsen of St. Johns College, FL and Scott  Noffke of Eau Claire School District in Wisconsin for making this possible.