Farm Project

Adaklu Water Project is currently embarking on a dual purpose farm project that seeks to lift the population out of poverty by promoting effective agribusiness job creation within the Adaklu community.  To support the funding and maintenance of sustainable clean water and sanitation projects, we are purchasing and renovating old affordable decommissioned farm equipment from Colorado farmers which will be used by Adaklu farmers.

The Adaklu economy is heavily dependent on agriculture and employs 92% of its population directly or indirectly. With the help of wives and children of family-owned farms, Adaklu’s population is subject to hazardous occupational exposures due to strenuous old back-breaking land cultivation methods. These include clearing land with machetes and hoes, as well as manual labor intensive harvesting.

Common ergonomic problems include frequent bending, twisting, and lifting of heavy objects. Work-related illnesses result from excessive physical work demands involving both forceful activities and repetition without an adequate recovery time. These generally involve pain and discomfort in the lower back, neck, hands, arms, shoulders, or legs resulting in poor health. The adverse effects resulting from these exposures interfere with daily living activities, and have negative long-term economic consequences for the community.

With the introduction of mechanized farming, we believe that there will be a drastic increase in healthy living, increased production, and an output which will boost income and improve the standard way of living for individual families within the community.

With increased personal income, we anticipate that it would be easier to introduce some sort of taxation or levy system that will bring revenue to the community. Increased civic revenue would lead to Adaklu supporting and sustaining its civic obligations such as clean water, sewer, and waste water systems.

The main objective of Adaklu Water Project is to help the village support itself by leading it on a path to self sufficiency and independence from any foreign aid by the fifth year of launching this project.

We are currently looking for any decommissioned farm equipment:

  • Tractors and parts
  • Disc comparable for a 45hp tractor
  • 2 and 3 bottom plows
  • Utility Trailers
  • Row crop cultivator
  • A disc harrows
  • A stone pickers
  • Trenchers
  • Augers
  • LDT-360 Driller

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