Donors and Sponsors


Special thanks to Mr. and Ms. Cole of Monte Vista, Colorado, who are intrinsically, selflessly and wholeheartedly involved in a cause that will one day soon relieve the generational choke-hold that has befallen in my humble community. Mr. and Ms. Cole have donated the following:

  • $8,500
  • Tractors for Adaklu farmers
  • Repairs of tractors
  • Planned trip to Adaklu to volunteer to build wells

Mr. Roger Atuwo of Luton, Bedfordshire, UK. Thank you so much for your donations of:

  • Spare parts for all tractors.
  • Part payment of shipping cost of farm equipment

Selasee and The Fafa Family, African music group located inn Boulder. Thank you for your ongoing donation:

  • Always ready to perform for fund-raising purposes for Adaklu Water Project.

Another special thanks to my loving wife, Ms. Audra Leigh Agajanian, who has given up all personal desires, and is currently enrolled at The School of Mines, Golden, CO, in order to relocate from our abundantly blessed location in The United States of America, to my simple and humble community, Adaklu, Ghana, in order to make this sustainable dream a reality for my people.

Mrs. Maria Hauser, ERES Graphic Studio. May The Holy Spirit of Our Lord Jesus Christ grant you favor always and continually bless your gift in the service of human kindness, and on behalf of the people of Adaklu, and in the name of our Honorable Chief, Torgbe Labluluu, I stand in his shadow to thank you for all that you are giving. We invite individuals and corporate donors and sponsors to join our cause to help eradicate the needless suffering of humanity—especially women and children.

Thank You For Your Donations!