Shipment arrives in the Adaklu village of Waya

In early April 2016, after almost 5 months on the high seas, our shipment arrived in Waya. Greeted by Chief Togbe Labluluu and Mr. Raymond Cole (a representative sent from Adaklu Water Project), the container was a long awaited arrival.


The container held 3 tractors, 2 plows, hundreds of pieces of school furniture, and various farming tools. The idea to send tractors began as a suggestion from the local Waya community and has spurred many plans to boost the farming activities in the area.  Since 2013, Adaklu Water Project has worked tirelessly to repair used tractors that were donated or sold at very generous rates to the farming project. In the future we hope to see the young people of Waya running more successful and sustainable farms than the small backyard plots. We plan to send more shipments of tractors or farm equipment in the future. If you know of any equipment that is in need of good use consider donating.

Adaklu Water Project is a 501 c3 organization and any donation is tax deductible. 

Adaklu Water Project Ships Tractors and Tools

Adaklu Water Project is proud to announce that the container shipped in December 2015. We have acquired 3 tractors, 2 plows, school chairs and other various farm equipment and school supplies. This cargo is set to arrive in Ghana in February 2016.

Through the generosity of Senator Entz, Mr. and Mrs. Cole, the Roberts Family, and the Mattive Family we are enabled to build a better sustainable community foundation for the people of Adaklu. Adaklu Water Project is employing mechanized farming tools in association with better education to accomplish a brighter future for the next generation.