Project Phases

To end the water crisis in Adaklu, we need to
invest in 
long-lasting solutions
to provide sustainability, education & 
community empowerment.

During the first part of Phase One, Adaklu Water Project will dig a well on the premises of the Adaklu maternity clinic with the intention to primarily serve the sanitary health needs of the expectant mothers and their newly born babies. Exclusive to the clinic will be a 10,000 gallon water tower or reservoir fed by a solar powered water pump.

Once the first part of this phase is completed, we will start on the second part of Phase One, which will be to grant initial access to the rest of the community to fetch their water from this location until another community well is dug. This presents a perfect opportunity for the clinic to take sole responsibility of educating the community on water and other health related issues.

Adaklu Secondary High school has a student enrollment of 600 without any water, except the murky water located 1 and a quarter miles away from campus that is also shared by the rest of the community. Phase two will involve duplicating the model of phase one on the campus with a 40,000 gallon or higher capacity water reservoir towering above the school. This water system will also be accessible to the rest of the community until the third phase is completed. The presence of a water reservoir on campus will free the students from spending unnecessary time fetching water from the river for drinking and other utilities. This will increase the time spent on education and decrease the time spent in the clinic with waterborne diseases.

Replicate Phase Two with a higher capacity water tower in the Village Square. The Village Square will also serve as a community center where the people will be summoned, as tradition requires, for regular training and education on health and water related issues.

Strategically build 12 water pumps without water towers or reservoirs, around the village. These will eventually be retrofitted with reservoirs at a later time, when the citizens of the community are able to raise their own funding for the project through levies and taxation.

Dam the seasonal Tordzi River that runs by the village to create a small lake such as the one that can be found in Boulder County, CO. This will be done in an environmentally friendly way to allow the Eco-system to remain pristine and naturally preserved.

Purpose of Damming the Tordzi River

The advent of this lake is to provide a reliable irrigation system for local farmers. This will increase their productivity and in turn, boost the standard of living for their families and hence the local economy.