Our Mission

Distant view of Adaklu from Ho, the Volta Regional Capital



Adaklu Water Project is a non-profit organization bringing sustainable, clean, and safe drinking water to the people of Adaklu in the Volta Region of Ghana. By working in partnership with the residents we strive to improve their quality of life and sustain their independence, thereby maintaining the water projects within the community on their own.

Adaklu Water Project was established with the mission to permanently eradicate the deplorable water and bad sanitary conditions in Adaklu, which is located in the Volta Region of Ghana, and to educate its citizens on clean water sustainability and the need for water reclamation, storage, and effective distribution.

Our goal is to bring clean and safe drinking water coupled with good sanitation, to the people of Adaklu, by working in partnership with community leaders and residents. We strive to improve their quality of life and sustain their independence by educating, training, and giving them all the necessary tools to maintain and possibly improve their own water facilities, sanitation, and other related problems within their community. As well, we will provide health and hygiene education—especially within the school system, in order to easily disseminate information to every resident.