About Us

About Adaklu Water Project

Adaklu Water Project seeks to tackle all the water and sanitation challenges of Adaklu’s communities that have been ignored since before the country’s independence. By working together with the chief and his elders, the headmaster of the only high school in the area that has over 600 enrolled students, the head-nurse of the only maternity clinic in the area, and with other community leaders and inhabitants, our intent is to strategically build sustainable clean and portable water wells, and effective sanitation systems that will service all the needs of the community. Eventually, our goal is to build a community reservoir that will reclaim the water lost during the dry season. We believe these projects will improve the quality of life, especially for mothers and children, by lifting them out of unsanitary conditions, water-related illnesses, and abject poverty.

What is the Adaklu Water Project?

Adaklu Water Project was initiated and founded┬áby a native son from the Adaklu community. During his youth, he experienced the hardships of living without clean water as his people presently do. Privileged to be a current resident of the Boulder Community in Colorado, he intends to eventually replicate on a smaller scale, Boulder County’s water reclamation storage and distribution projects in his native community.